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A bit about the photographer

How can it be so hard to talk about ourselves?

Let's start with: my name is Julie, I'm French and I live in Vancouver, BC, for 7 years now. That's a good start!

Taking pictures is accessible to anyone, but not everyone understands how something  simple can be captured in a different way; or how to wait that little instant to capture that perfect expression.


Everything that inspires me, and make me draw in my inner creativity is worth it to put in a frame.

I want to be that person that lives along with her passion and would be happy with it.

Because  life is about PASSION, that little thing that makes you want to brave obstacles, and sparkles moments up.

 3 years ago I landed in LA for the first time, and all that glamorous energy got into me.. I was here, in the city of stars, where all dreams come true, and  Thought: "you have to make things happen now, right now" and this when i decided to convert my passion for photography into a career.

"I truly believe that beauty can be found everywhere, anywhere, in everybody, if you know how to look for it. This is the freedom we give to our mind to wander"


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